The posters read:

“How can a girl rape a boy?”

- Nearly everyone I tried to tell for the first four years after it happened.

“Man up.”

- My then-fiance in response to the panic attack I was having, caused by seeing my rapist for the first time since the incident had occurred eight years previous.

Because it is a shitty thing to forget that rape occurs, regardless of gender.

Who tells someone having a panic attack to “man up”? That’s insanely fucked up…

this is really important and i’m glad this is getting around.

I remember pointing out to someone talking to a college class of mine that men could be raped, and he told me “it doesn’t work like that.” After trying to explain a few more times that it does I gave up. No one else in the class seemed to get what I was saying either.

By definition, a woman cannot rape a man. This is because the official definition of rape is when the penis enters the vagina by force, and obviously women do not have penises. It’s actually only classed as sexual assault if a woman does it to a man but it is equally as serious as rape. Just clearing that up.

I think that the definition of rape needs to be changed, then. If the man does not want to have sex, if it is non-consensual but the woman still forces him, then that is still rape.

Rape is rape, no matter the gender of the rapist.

I think the legal definition of “rape” differs from location to location, but I think most places consider any type of forceful penetration or forcing another into sexual intercourse rape, covering male rapes. The places that don’t recognize the fact that makes can be raped…despicable.

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