I woke up late and still didn’t feel well. I talked to Nicki on the phone. She comes home in about two weeks :) ELLIE WAS BEING A BRAT THAT NIGHT. She was whining, so I let her out, BUT SHE DIDN’T WANT THAT. I have no idea what she wanted. She wouldn’t go into my parents’ room and wouldn’t stay in mine. I don’t even know. She was doing fine sleeping in my bed until she followed Dodger into my parents’ room one night, and now she wants to sleep in there. She likes to do everything Dodger does. 

Ellie, y u no love me?? Why am I not enough for yoooou?


My mom woke me up this afternoon. I was CFS tired. My thoughts get hazy and strange, and I just kept thinking how wonderful sleep is and how great it feels. I knew I had to get myself out of bed, though, so I slowly did. I needed to get up because today was Erik’s day off, and he has a REALLY busy work schedule the next couple of weeks plus school, so I really wanted to see him. We were originally going to walk Ellie around CLU, but because of my cast and cfs, we decided to see The Amazing Spiderman, which was really good! :) I’m glad we saw it! We did catch one injury continuity error thanks to Markus and Meisner, which is cool. I miss Markus. I miss Meisner. I knew from the first day that this class was going to change my life, and it has so much for the better. If I ever made it big and won an award of any kind, I would be thanking Markus and Sanford Meisner. lol.

Now I need to imdb Spiderman because I always do that and read the trivia of movies I’ve just seen.

I have to get up early because I have a doctor’s appointment in Santa Monica tomorrow morning. It will probably be a CFS day tomorrow. It always is after those appointments. 

Put in your guesses for how many needles will be inserted into my body tomorrow, folks!

Aseoughejs, I’m getting tired…thank you for working, Melatonin.

I hope I can get up tomorrow.

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